About Us

 We are fulfilling an old calling on keeping ancient traditions alive. Our goal is to cause unforgivable moments of joy and moments of aw...when you get or give your custom made  gift. As soon as we are able to get a smile out of you and your loved ones we have reached our goal.

 We have been doing these novelties for close to 10 years on a part time basis at Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park. We were lucky enough to have their support and encouragement. Also we have returning guests and customers to the park every year now. Because of all of this now we decided to launch this website to be able to serve you better not just in the summer but all year around.

 It is a family business and we take great pride and satisfaction in our work. We are really happy that our rice trinkets made it all around the world from Europe to Asia, from Brazil to Alaska. Many soldiers got one who are deployed oversees. Families got them to remember loved ones and newlyweds gave them away as keepsakes.


Thank you Everybody!