Couples Sturdy Necklace Adjustable

  • $ 14.99
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Classic bottle charm with slider knot cotton cord waxed necklace which gives you adjustments between 16 to 24 inches in length. d YOUR NAME  on the grain of rice
2 Necklaces one for each of you!!!
Brand New, Made to Order! 
The rice is known to bring good luck! 
You can get them without the flower too.
 After buying one just email us with the name (names) you would like on it! That simple. e.g. - ♥JAMES ♥ - TOM♥AMY - JASMINE etc.  You ask for a  desired flower color if you like and also have the different colored marbles for the bottom.
WE been in the business for many years now, lots of happy customers. We can write up to 4 -5 names on one grain, dates and so on. The more the harder to see however. Use your imagination, feel free if you have any questions!!! We combine shipping! 
Please, ask if if you  have any questions!!!
Happy shopping!!!